Game Design

Artwork by Daehee Son
for Mjolnir Software

Mjolnir Software

Several SCIQI members are part of Mjolnir Software, LLC. Mjolnir Software is an independent game company. The diverse team is unified by a love of immersive science fiction and intricate “4X”-style gameplay. You can see more on Facebook and Twitter.

“Card Game”

This project is currently under NDA. Adam Elliott Rush and another game designer are working with an established business consulting company on the East Coast to develop an engaging relationship-building card game based on proprietary information and psychological principles.

“BioPets: Evolution”

BioPets: Evolution is a virtual pet simulation game in gradual development by Joel RowneyOptishell, and SCIQI. The goals include: AI-driven pet interaction, unique procedural creature combinations, and creature and environment customization.

“Cell Wars”

Cell Wars (tentatively titled) is a real-time strategy game passion project with an indefinite release date. The game is set in the microscopic world.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never returns to its original dimensions.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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