Digital Marketing


SCIQI as a whole is familiar with any major web tool, from Squarespace to React. We typically end up working with WordPress, the most widely used (and flexible) CMS (“content management system”).

If you have creative zeal, and if you want to cultivate experiences and relationships with others, then we want to help you.

CTL, one of the top tenant law firms in California with a team of lawyers, has been a long-time client of SCIQI. In addition to managing the CTL website (which generates a substantial amount of business), SCIQI works on a SaaS project for CTL and supports two personal projects for the owner ( and Legal Ethics Musical).

We love working with counselors, therapists, consultants, and anyone with a genuine desire to help others overcome obstacles and evolve themselves.

Soundscape Studios strives to “explore the patterns of your relationships, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and dreams, and how these reveal your deeper motives and desires.” Akiko Kinney, MA, MM, LMHC, provides Piano Play Therapy and Dream Tending & Analysis in addition to psychotherapy.

Safe Harbor Therapy provides therapy for individuals, as well as marriage and family therapy, with an emphasis on the “MeToo” movement. Gloria Lakin, M.A. LMFT, has a long media career in Hollywood, and is intimately acquainted with the problems “MeToo” attempts to address.

John Sandbach – a master astrologer with over fifty years of experience, poet, artist, author, and teacher – has been a long-time friend and client of SCIQI. We designed his logo, store icons, and website. John lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his husband Tom Gomersall, an artist and retired art professor. In 2019, we designed Tom’s art website and his book The Gomersall Report: Unredacted Version for his Kansas City art show.

Lubo Hristov is a Hollywood art director, visual effects designer, concept artist and environments matte painter with 30+ years of progressive experience. In 2003, Lubo founded Christov Effects and Design, Inc. Over the years through his company and as a freelance art director, Lubo was awarded high-profile projects by major studios and created designs and visual effects for blockbusters such as Avatar, Life of Pi, Argo, Immortals; The Matrix Revolutions, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Speed Racer, The Last Samurai, Twilight, etc. More recently, Lubo has been focusing on his fine art. Sciqi updated his web presence and consolidated the Christov Effects content into his new website.

In addition, over the years, SCIQI has worked (or works) with Real Estate service companies, Realtors, small startups, YouTubers, and more.

Branding & Visual Design

Our branding and visual design services include:

  • Consultation and market research with Adam Elliott Rush
  • Logo, print, business card, and diagram graphic design by Zachary McConnell (examples)
  • Custom illustrations and artwork by Daehee Son – notable illustration work includes cartoons for the CTL website and book, and re-created illustrations (in psychedelic colors) for John Sandbach’s book The Golden Cycle: A Text on the Tarot
  • Photoshop artwork and composition by Robert Louis


Our writing and research experience allows us to elevate your content. When we work with your content, we give it special care and attention, helping you put your best foot forward.

When it comes to SEO, we use a variety of tools and techniques.


SCIQI ANIMUS, LLC (Zach Simmons, SCIQI, Optishell, Zach Rachedi, and Zachary McConnell) is working on a SaaS (“software as a service”) project for CTL that improves the efficiency and ease of legal management, based on the original CTL software from thirty years ago.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never returns to its original dimensions.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson