Audio Services

Music Composition & Sound Design

  • Music composition and arrangement for film and stage
  • Sound design for film and stage
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering

Recently, PRISMOTIC (Daehee Son, Adam Elliott Rush) provided animation and music for ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment) promotional videos: Venture the Unknown (receiving 1.5M+ combined views on YouTube, Instagram, and X), and a series of eight birthday videos for each of the band members (1, 2, ongoing).

Two of our members composed music and provided sound design for The Psych Drama Company’s Macbeth and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (trailer).

Kilian Melloy of Edge Media Network wrote of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: “…The sound design [including mixing and mastering] by Adam Elliott Rush…[and]…the production’s original score [also by Adam]…is always effective and sometimes surprisingly sprightly. It’s fitting: Under the jockeying, fear, heartache, and rivalry, the play has much to say about life and how to live it.”

Zachary McConnell provided the sound design, mixing, mastering, and some ambient music for Macbeth (press sample), and worked extensively with composer Zarko Dragojevic of the Audiovisual Center Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Harvard Crimson wrote of Macbeth (“Shakespeare, Featuring Your Imagination”): “The true magic of the show, though, lies in how these sounds spark audiences’ imaginations. When the witches speak to Macbeth in Act I, for example, an echo effect is paired with their overlapped voices, giving listeners the impression of being surrounded by them. Their whispers are persistent, imitating Macbeth’s inner turmoil. This curated acoustic environment gives the audience the context they need to imagine the scenes in whatever way suits them.”

Adam began classical guitar lessons at age 6, and it was around this age that he was first exposed to audio engineering through a close family friend who works in the music industry. For Adam, music and storytelling have always been integral creative outlets. He has been fortunate to work with people internationally on many creative endeavors, including music for game projects, an indie TV show, an animation, and theme songs for shows and podcasts. He currently serves on the board of indie startup Mjolnir Software, functioning as Audio Director and game designer for their flagship project “A Galaxy in Flames” (tentatively titled); as part of Mjolnir Software, he has had the opportunity to experiment and collaborate with musicians and audio people from several countries. He recently began moonlighting as Qreuton.



Our current projects include an audiobook version of well-known mystic, poet and author John Sandbach’s novel Azoth and a book of John’s haiku (both being narrated by Adam), and two of our members (Zachary and Adam) acted in The Psych Drama Company’s Macbeth (excerpts) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (excerpts).

Zachary McConnell is an accomplished theater actor, singer, and dancer. Zachary attended Boston Conservatory at Berklee for his MFA in Musical Theatre Performance.

In addition to audiobooks and plays, Adam has provided voice-over work for a scientific education company (example 1example 2), and has performed a few online advertisements.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never returns to its original dimensions.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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